Electro Dermal Screening

If there really is an ultimate way to muscle testing then this is it! Pioneered by one of the most acclaimed acupuncturist and physicians of his time Dr. Reinhold Voll. In the early 1900s EAV or Electro Acupuncture by Voll is a system of analysis that goes far beyond the realm of simple yes or no answers to how much and what times. This revolutionary technology and cutting edge research is considered by many to be the future of medicine come in and see it for yourself.

After seeing what is blocking the healing that your body wants to get done then we may test the remedies (vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, pharmaceutical or neutraceutical) which you may bring or use the ones in house to balance out those points of concern.

This painless Screening procedure will check for the “energetic signature” of certain viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi which we can identify and then “attenuate” or energetically single them out.

How does electrodermal screening work?

Electrodermal screen (EDS) ‘is a form of computerized information gathering which is based on Quantaum physics, not chemistry.  A blunt, non-invasive electric probe is placed at specific points on the patient’s hands, head or feet, corresponding to acupuncture points at the beginning or end of energy meridians corresponding to the different organ systems of the body.  Minute electrical discharges from these points serve as information signals about the condition of the body’s organs and systems…. EDS uses a scale of  0 to 100, with a 45-55 being “normal”, 56-100 “Inflammed” and 44-0 as “Devitalised” The key idea is that energy transfers its signal through an acupuncture meridian to the nervous system, with the end result being a cellular pathology.  EDS is a ‘data acquisition process’….”  (Alternative Medicine, issue 27, January 1999, p. 59)

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What can it detect?

Pathogen Energetic Signatures

In addition Electro Dermal Screening looks for the “Energetic Signatures” of information left behind from Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Or Fungi (Lymes,Ebola,Staphyloccocus…etc) In Physics we know that energy is neither created nor destroyed but translocated into another form of information. With Dermal Screening we look to pick up the information left behind and then have it “energetically tagged” into a remedy of choice to inform the body of its presence so that your body’s own defense mechanisms may take care of the problem.

Sensitivity testing (Allergen Energetic Signatures)

The non invasiveness of Electro Dermal Screening has made it a reliable and most comfortable tool for people looking to test allergies. We know that the Skin Sensitivity tests may not be the most comfortable as the skin needs to be punctured especially when we are talking about children. Dermal Screening offers a non invasive and accurate comprehensive sensitivity screening which will go far beyond the yes or no approach to modern allergy testing. What we mean by this is that certain allergens do not cause an extreme reaction as seen with Anaphylaxis (extreme allergy reaction which may be life threatening when it closes airways) but minor sensitivities may cause smaller but bothersome symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, fatigue, bloating and brain fog. These are allergic reactions not looked for by modern medicine but electro dermal screening offers comprehensive examination into these very important areas of sensitivity.

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Why Teeth?

The renowned German Physician Dr. Rheinholt Voll, based on more than 40 years experience of research and observation estimated that nearly 80% of all illness is related entirely or partially to problems in the mouth. Another renowned physican Dr. Max Gerson and daughter Charlotte In his book “The Gerson Therapy for Cancer and other Diseases” Speaks out about amalgums and mercury in fillings of teeth and how they had not seen anyone survive stage 4 cancer that had not removed what they called toxic fillers and poisons. The Electrodermal Screening test will provide you with valuable information as to whether certain dental work has had an impact on health problems one may be facing and working hand in hand with biological dentists that are acquainted with this approach be able to overcome these health issues.

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Supplement & Homeopathic Testing

By placing different items on the testing tray the practitioner may asses which item will better serve to balance the particular acupuncture point or organ meridian line that seems to be unbalanced and see it climb immediately on the screen. This serves to know how well one therapy may work opposed to another which will get the person better faster!

The great Dilemma today is not so much what is wrong but rather what to use to fix the problem. The avatar Eav system using a form of highly sophisticated muscle testing (applied Kinesiology) can test to see what supplement program herbs or vitamin mineral complex is right for you. This was observed by the inventor of the technology Dr. Voll when patients came in and accidentally brought their medications in their pockets. He noticed when they later showed them and took them out of their pockets the reading on the particular point that he would be testing would change. This served as a very easy indicator of a good protocol for future treatment.

How Accurate are the results?

Research published in the “Journal of Naturopathic Medicine” concluded that ‘electrical conductance data reviewed correspond with histological reports.  In clinical practice, EDS instruments are useful as diagnostic supplements to blood test, radiographic image and case histories.   The integration of reliable and valid bioelectric medical instruments into the clinical setting augment the ability to rapidly evaluate tissues…. Bioelectric medicine offers clinicians new quantitative methods for evaluations subtle electromagnetic changes in humans.” 

The foundation of this technology is the work of Reinhold Voll, M.D. almost 50 years ago.  Voll’s work is often referred to as electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV).  Although relatively new to Western Medicine this testing system is understood, accepted and widely used in many other countries including Germany, France and England.  Today’s testing equipment is the end product of a 30-year evolution of Dr. Voll’s work that utilized a modern computer program, a sensitive ohm meter and a signal generator.

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At Hills Holistic Health Center we employ the WaveFront 3000 for our Electro Dermal Screenings.  Click here to learn more.