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Our Technology

At Holistic Health Center we engage cutting edge holistic assessment technologies to understand your bodies needs and to determine the most holistic pathway to health.  

Eye Pix Pro Iridology Capture System 

The Eye Pix is the highest resolution iris capture system on the market. Featuring the highest magnification and resolution technology features, including real time zoom in binoculars for the perfect sectoral iris tomographs.







Iridology Station 5.0

The Iridology Station is the most comprehensive software system for iris analysis and computer-generated topography studies. It is capable of generating reports and comparative analysis of previous iris pictures and layout of organs, glands and tissue representations in real time. 








Veradyne SC-5 

The Avatar by Veradyne is the most revolutionary of all the Electro-Dermal Screening Devices. Building off of the early work of Dr. Reinhold Voll.


Avatar 2.0 Software 

The Avatar 2.0 Software works hand in hand with our Veradyne SC-5 device and will ensure you understand the results of your assessment with exact and dependable point seeking technology and reading capability.







The WaveFront-3000 which uses Advanced Signal Transference technology based on the research of German physicist, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Ph.D., to provide three signal transference methods:

  1. INVERT PROCESS:  in which the energetic signal of any substance can be used to create a homeopathic-like resonance of pathogens we may also use urine or saliva for more personalization.
  2. DUPLICATE PROCESS: in which duplicates the energetic signal of any homeopathic remedy through direct transfer and amplification.
  3. IMPRINT PROCESS:  in which works with the Avatar 5.0 software and relational database to Imprint or create custom energetic imprints and homeopathic remedy.

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Disclaimer: Naturopathy believes in the bodies innate ability to health itself and is not a replacement for modern medicine. Our Board Certified Naturopath is not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Licensed Osteopathic Physician. Modalities offered at our center are non-diagnostic and are not intended to prevent or cure any disease.