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Our Technology

At  Holistic Health Center we engage cutting edge technologies to understand your bodies needs and to determine the most holistic pathway to health.  

The WaveFront-3000 which uses Advanced Signal Transference technology based on the research of German physicist, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Ph.D., to provide three signal transference methods:

  1. INVERT PROCESS:  in which the energetic signal of any substance can be used to create a homeopathic-like resonance of pathogens we may also use urine or saliva for more personalization.
  2. DUPLICATE PROCESS: in which duplicates the energetic signal of any homeopathic remedy through direct transfer and amplification.
  3. IMPRINT PROCESS:  in which works with the Avatar 5.0 software and relational database to Imprint or create custom energetic imprints and homeopathic remedy.

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Disclaimer: Modalities offered at our center are non-diagnostic and are not intended to prevent or cure any disease. Naturopathy believes in the bodies innate ability to health itself and is not a replacement for modern medicine. Our Board Certified Naturopath is not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Licensed Osteopathic Physician