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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well they are definitely so to Iridologists. Not just this, but a road-map to analyzing the genetic strengths and weaknesses of ones body.

Computer analysis irisThis is done by assessing the openings, fibers, structures and colors of ones iris and matching them to the corresponding reflex zones that belong to a body part.

This science is probably as old as analysis as references to iridology can be found in the writings of Hippocrates , Father of Modern Medicine.

What is iridology?

The term Iris stems from the Greek word meaning rainbow. The science of iridology has existed for thousands of years in China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. Hippocrates who was the father of modern medicine was credited with saying, “behold the eyes, behold the body”.

You may have heard the saying, “the eyes are windows to the soul”. Iridology takes that a step further. We believe the iris shows us evidence of your parents and even grandparent’s habits in the form of pigments and lesions in the iris fibers, these denote the lifestyle and patterns that your family members took up and handed down to you.

The modern model of iridology was credited to Dr. Ignatz von Peczely a Hungarian physician who was born near Budapest Hungary. When Von Peczley was just eleven he caught an owl that had dug its claws into his arm. In an effort to free himself  he broke the owls leg. At the moment he looked into the owls slit shaped eyes as its leg was broken and saw a fine line appear. It was probably because of this that he decided to go to medical school, he graduated at the age of  41. So intrigued by his childhood he began analyzing irides of his patients and to his astonishment found that patients of certain ailments had similar iris patterns in certain places. From this he developed a chart that reflected specific areas of the body on the iris.

What can iridology do?

Iridology’s greatest value is that of allowing the detection of chemical and physiological changes in the body, long before the appearance of a particular set of “symptoms”. These symptoms are later classified and named as a “DISEASE”.  Though Iridology does not diagnose disease, it is believed that it can see the underlying reasons why the set of symptoms began. The true meaning of underlying symptoms and even named diseases are things so simple as chemical imbalance, toxic deposits, poor circulation, inherent weakness and a taxed nervous system. Truly this is how every DIS_EASE begins at a very small minute level. From these fundamental issues science will brand you with a “name” but this is not the issue, the issue is those small minute changes causing the bigger picture. To bring about change one must know the status of the bloodstream, nervous system, glands and tissues of the body this is where iridology provides a wealth of information about the vital processes and tissues of the body.

The way iridology does this enormous feat is to show us where in the body these conditions appear by indicating over or under activity of an organ. For example, lets say you have a thyroid imbalance but your blood tests are normal. You would ask, “how could this be?” Iridology theory holds and believes very simply that one side of your thyroid gland maybe overworking and the other is underworking therefore your underactive gland would be compensated by the one throwing out too much thyroid hormone. Iridology would pick up on this whereas most all tests would fail as they don’t measure tissue activity nor inherent weakness like iridology does. Once again, this would not be seen as a diagnosis persay, but a genetic weakness in the tissues which needs nutrition and support!

What can I expect to see?

irid 1 Right Iris

The iridologist can see the relationship among the organs and tissues of the body as they affect one another. While we do not diagnose disease, we analyze the integrity of the tissue, health level, inherent weaknesses, constitution, chemical imbalance, and emotional stressors. In this high strung and tense environment we all live in it is important not just to work on the physical but the mental and emotional plains as well. Iridology can do just this. Along with the body mapping an emotional blueprint will be formed and a life lesson which is of vital importance to us all will be given to you to work on. We will analyze your iris photographs and according to what we see will give you a program that is tailored to your specific needs. This program will include, diet, nutrition and exercise plans that are tailored just for you.

The eyes really are a “window to the soul” find out what yours have to say!


Disclaimer: Modalities offered at our center are non-diagnostic and are not intended to prevent or cure any disease. Naturopathy believes in the bodies innate ability to health itself and is not a replacement for modern medicine. Our Board Certified Naturopath is not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Licensed Osteopathic Physician