Naturopathy (not to be confused with Naturopathic Medicine) is the original form of natural health care that was defined by acts of congress in 1931. Congress defined Naturopathy as a drugless, non-invasive and non surgical way for relief of ailments and sickness by use of all natural methods including; air, water, light, heat earth, foods, herbs, electricity, physiotherapy, homeopathy, mechanotherapy, and all natural methods and modalities. 

Naturopathy differs from other forms of the healing arts. It is all encompassing and all inclusive meaning its practitioners or “Naturopaths” are trained in all forms of natural therapeutics. 

Naturopathy education varies widely across the country however, most all Naturopaths regardless of which school or college they choose, receive a minimum of 2500 to  4100 hours (2-4 years) of education in naturopathic modalities before  graduation. Educational courses range widely, a minimum of Anatomy and Physiology  Herbalism, Homeopathy, Naturopathic bodywork, physical and holistic exam,  pharmacology and drug interactions is taken in every program.

After graduation, Naturopaths must do an internship program totaling from 500 to 1000 hours in clinical practice and taking a competency exam which tests them on efficacy and safety , before they are certified to practice the art of Naturopathy.

(Information taken from the California Naturopathic Certification Board website

Definition of Naturopathy Passed the House Of Representatives February 7, 1931

Attest: Wm. Tyler Page, Clerk”