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ElectroDermal Screening

If there really is an ultimate way to muscle testing then this is it! Pioneered by one of the most acclaimed acupuncturist and physicians of his time Dr. Reinhold Voll. In the early 1900s EAV or Electro Acupuncture by Voll is a system of analysis that goes far beyond the realm of simple yes or no answers to how much and what times. This revolutionary technology and cutting edge research is considered by many to be the future of bio-energetic treatment, come in and see it for yourself.

After testing your bodies 48 energetic meridian points and identifying what is blocked, we may then test remedies (vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, nutraceutical) which you may bring or use the ones in house, to balance out those points and see what is most energetically compatible to your body.

At Holistic Health Center we engage cutting edge technologies to understand your bodies needs and to determine the most holistic pathway to health.  Our  WaveFront-3000 which uses Advanced Signal Transference technology based on the research of German physicist, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Ph.D., to provide three signal transference methods:

  1. INVERT PROCESS:  in which the energetic signal of any substance can be used to create a homeopathic-like resonance such as urine or saliva to help the body energetically get rid of pathogens.
  2. DUPLICATE PROCESS: in which duplicates the energetic signal of any homeopathic remedy through direct transfer and amplification.
  3. IMPRINT PROCESS:  in which works with the Avatar 5.0 software and relational database to create custom energetic imprints and homeopathic remedy.

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This painless Screening procedure will check for the imbalances in the body through energetic software technology.

Disclaimer: Modalities offered at our center are non-diagnostic and are not intended to prevent or cure any disease. Naturopathy believes in the bodies innate ability to health itself and is not a replacement for modern medicine. Our Board Certified Naturopath is not a Licensed Medical Doctor or Licensed Osteopathic Physician.